Winchester Repeating Arms. Winchester Guns SXP Extreme Defender Flat Dark Earth 12 Gauge 18" 3" 5+1 2.75" Shells Fixed w/Adjustable Comb, Pistol Grip Stock. Item : WIN_512410395. SKU : 512410395. Model : SXP. UPC : 048702020070

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    On the other hand, Winchester’s “Defend” is easily available everywhere — Academy, Wal-Mart, or wherever fine ammo is sold. Note: This started as a comment under Jon Mixon’s answer. As of originally writing this answer, .225 Winchester was available at Midway (dot) com and some other online distributors.

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    Winchester SXP Dark Earth Defender 12 Gauge 18" Barrel - 512326395 - 048702007316 Revolver Reloading Ammo Reloading Bench Ammo Storage Rifle Targets Remington 700 Long Rifle Cool Guns Awesome Guns .308 Win vs 30-06 Springfield Ammo

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